Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Wanderer's Xmas Part 1

This year my own circumstances left me at a loose end for the xmas luch would have it a friend offered to put me up for a few days...with the enticement of the company of his collie dog Milly, and some wandering around Mt Crosby and Lake Manchester area of NW Brisbane.

Jonathon lives in quite an isolated spot; Kholo and was cut off for a few days following the floods earlier this year

- although there was rain whilst I visited Jon and Milly thankfully no roads were cut and the power remained on.

The wet weather we have been having certainly has resulted in remarkable green colours through the bush, and especially in areas that were cleared in the past and now have grass paddocks.
The walk to the post box is just beginning to be comfortable for Milly who is recovering from serious surgery in the last month...hence her shaved state

...which I really liked since it made her look like a fluffy puppy.

My accomodation was not as basic as this old out house...

I like Milly's attitude - you can stay there if you like I'm going back up to the house where its dry and comfy.

Beyond the house and the cleared areas Jon has a trangular block of land which includes an attractive gulley and a range of native regrowth, there is (of course ) a large volume of weed which is a constant headache for Jon...

Whilst wandering about in the early morning (well its what defines me is it not?) I found some lovely fungi and lichens;
Fungi pics: 1- Panus fasciatus, 2- Marasmius sp, 3- Both together, 4- Phellinus sp, 5/6/7- Punctularia strigosozonata well as a wonderful little copse of Red Cedar (Toona ciliata);

Gratuitous shots of Milly....

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