Sunday, December 4, 2011

Little Nerang Dam

In some respects this probably ahould be put in the Veteran Tree Group Blog, but due to the very young age class of the two figs, and the absence of any really significant veteran features (there were some old large opruning wounds on one tree beginning to hollow out) I'll leave it here.

Little Nerang Dam was built in the early 1960's opened in 1968 not as well known as the larger Hinze Dam to the north Little Nerang Dam has been supplying some of the water to Mudgeeraba, and the coast ever since.

Above the dam is a small public recreation area, playgound and BBQ's and amongst some mixed plantings of Jacarandas and various other trees are two lovely Moreton Bay Figs.

I have not yet tracked down any detailed history about the site before it was a dam - the large looking trees in the photo seem to have been removed, but as you can see in the record of the dam construction these two trees were part of the recreational area plantings in the 1960's...they have put on some incredible growth in the intervening years.

These two trees and their amazing surface root growth really make the picnic area a more intereseting and inticing place to spend some time on a hot day...there are very strict rules and large fences preventing any access to the water body. 

Not all that far from the dam along the always alluring Austinville Rd was a lovely spot for a picnic next to the creek.

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