Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fungal fruiting bodies around Mudgeeraba Creek

On returning to the coast following my recent stay with Jonathon and Milly I took the opportunity to walk along the edge of Mudgeeraba Creek just outside the Hinterland Regional Park. This is a recreational area I have walked through on numerous occaisions in the past, so I had a fair idea of where one might find some pretty fungi...given the wet weather we have had in the last few weeks I was not disappointed...

A look at some of the habitat...
Mudgeeraba Creek

Buttress my day!

Fallen Fig tree in Mudgeeraba Creek

Standing dead Fig tree stump

Numerous galleries formed by stag beetle larvae

The following are all wood decay fungi and where I am confident of the species identification I have named the fungi accordingly, where it was not clear cut I have simply given the Genus.

Auricularia sp growing on standing dead Ficus sp stump

Bisporella sp on fallen Ficus sp leaf

Trametes hirsuta on fallen dead Ficus sp

Polyporus sp (possibly baduis) on dead branch possibly Syzygium francisii

Older fruiting bodies of Lenzites sp on Ficus sp stump

Hexagonia sp on Casuarina glauca limb

A different Hexagonia sp on fallen dead branch probably Ficus sp

Daldinia concentrica on fallen Ficus sp

A Wanderer's (Paddler's) Xmas Part 3

On the basis that it is a really good idea to overload with physical activity on Boxing Day my self and Jonathon decided to take the canoes up to Wivenhoe dam.

There were quite a lot of people who had also decided to get on and in the water on the 26th...

Wivenhoe retains an attractive shoreline despite the high water which would have accompanied the floods earlier in the year.

Which way Jon?

Well come on then...

out in the middle...

Land ahoy...

On the other side, time to practice some safety drills and try out the life jacket...

Ok enough it was time to get back looked like it might rain (did not fancy getting stuck in the middle of the dam in a storm)

More paddling into the setting sun...

All the way to the shore please