Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tamborine National Park Joalah Section

Tamborine National park was the first gazetted park in Queensland, back in 1908..although for me some parts of the mountain village are less attractive; a bit too touristified (yes its a word I made up!) the park areas contain some beautiful vegetation.

Located about 30-40mins from the Goldcoast its not pristine by any means but it has beauty and diversity which can make for a lovely afternoon walk even in the rain....

This time I went with two friends to a small section of park called Joalah Section, its very near to one of the main roads on the mountain and housing but it has an air to it that made it very easy to imagine people in the 1900's enjoying the forest and the creek.

The giant Strangler fig for which one part of the walking trail was originally designed has collapsed but this fallen wood now forms the substrate for a beautiful array of different fungi.

I think in lots of ways we forget that many of the parks we enjoy today (and the paths on which we walk) are there today thanks to the efforts of others whose names are by now forgotten...but their legacy is almost immortal.

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