Monday, March 29, 2010

Trees and Development Seminar

Just a few pictures from our recent seminar, despite having awful flu I really enjoyed my small part in the presentation and got a great deal from the day.

Lyndal Plant from Brisbane City Council laying out the huge benefits from trees that BCC have incorporated into their tree management.

Tony Cockram from Gold Coast City Council explaining just what it is that Tree Officers require from those assessing and reporting on trees within development sites.

However it was not entirely an indoors affair, BCC thanks to the efforts of Lyndal Plant provided a demonstration of what actual tree roots have grown from a small Corymbia tessellaris next to the entrance driveway into Victoria Park Golf Club.

The work of a mad wombat?

Visible roots at the edge of the SRZ

Visible roots at the edge of the TPZ

What always becomes apparent to me everytime I see a root investigation is just how variable actual root growth is, being driven by soil conditions, the history of changes around the tree in question and of course the particular growth habits of the individual tree.

It is too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that our models and analogies actually come anywhere near representing what is actually going on.

As David Evans stated so eloquently on the day..."trees have not read the standard"

David Evans of the Arborcentre UK highlighting the use of cellular containment systems to construct "no-dig" road foundations

I would like to thank all the people who attended the seminar for contributing to what was a highly rewarding and very educational day. In particular I would like to thank the presenters Lyndal Plant, Tony Cockram and the keynote speaker who was as always extremely entertaining and thought provoking David Evans.

The day would not have been possible at all without the tireless organising efforts of Jan Allen. (For those who have never tried to host such seminars just imagine the preparations for the biggest birthday party in your family and multiply that by 50!)

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