Friday, March 5, 2010

Roma Street Parklands....part of Brisbane's Public Greenspace

In these wanderings I might seem to be spending all my time visiting tropical wonderlands, arboreal garden's of eden....and to me it often does seem that way...I am blessed to have a job that brings me to places where I can touch such beautiful trees.

However you don't have to even travel out of the city to find such magical places.....

Roma Street Parklands is one such green haven in the concrete desert....It is a few years (quite a few!) since I last spent any time wandering the parklands and (since I spend very little time following the news never read papers) I had comletely missed the enormous changes that have happened there.

A potted history can be read here at the parklands website (remember right click and select open in new window!)  Brief History of Roma Street Parklands

But it is not all open lawns and lakes with fountains....plenty of friendly trees....

Rainbow shower (Cassia hybrid)

Some of the structures that have been installed provide an environment that you would just not expect to experience in the heart of the state capital:

I know that a huge amount of resources were poured into creating these landscaped gardens, and I am certain that there were problems and failings along the way, there are doubtless still many problems to be worked out in the long term management of the parklands.

But.....I think the environment that has been created is ttruely magnificent, it is very very family friendly, free and accessable to all. My thanks go out to all those who were involved in building the new Roma Street Parklands, form paper concept to semi-mature installed plants.

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