Saturday, April 3, 2010

Springbrook top of the border range

Springbrook is a very special place, hard to imagine anyone going up there and not being moved by the beauty of every aspect of it, the panoramic views (though best to pick a clear day!) the water falls the trees and the wider environment.

The drive up there provides some lovely views of the variety of ecosystems clinging to the range.

Its hard to believe looking at the forest now (but absolutely true) that almost all the trees were cleared from the top of the ranges in the late 1800's

Rainbow falls is truely spectacular..the footpath underneath will sadly be closed to the public for some time to come.

The day I was up there the weather turned decidely British on me....but it made Goomoolahrah falls even more impressive in a very spooky kind of way.

Springbrook, like many of the places I visit gives you something different each and every time you go there.

I did take pictures of the Antartic Beech trees but frankly the weather and the light made it impossible...just another reason to return on a brighter day.

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