Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cleveland and the Bay Islands

For the second time in two years I have found myself meandering around Cleveland and the Bay Islands, this time Russell and Macleay.

If history had played out differently perhaps Cleveland would have become the busy port that Brisbane is...however that is not how things happened and the twin towns of Redland and Cleveland whilst having had something of a hey day in the late 1800's and early 1900's have remained something of forgotten part of the coast compared to the more famous coastal strips to the north and south.

Despite all that I really enjoy the character of the older streets in both Redland and Cleveland not dissimilar to other inland towns with wide road verges and large spreading street trees.

Two of the more significant trees of Cleveland are highlighted in this post on the Veteran Tree Group blog Cleveland Heritage Pines

In the same area Shore Street there are a number of large older fig trees, one a Banyan fig ~ Ficus bengalensis has the honour of being signed as Queenslands oldest fig tree, not absolutely sure that this claim is accurate, but it is an interesting one to be sure!

The history of this fig and its neighbour (a Moreton Bay Fig) is that they were planted by William Rowney, in memory of his wife. The houses he owned and built on the two allotments are long since gone but the fig trees remain.

Travelling back into the town centre along Shore Street you cannot help but notice a number of larger fig trees along the road edge, most notably a very impressive Moreton Bay fig ~ F. macrophylla which stands as a shady sentinel at the Anzac memorial.

I'll put the pictures of the trip to the Islands into the next be continued....

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