Monday, December 7, 2009

Cleveland and the Bay Islands: Pt.2 on the Islands

Getting from the mainland to the Bay Islands is a very short trip on quick and comfortable ferries zipping between Redland and the various little piers on each Island.

The shoreline of southern Moreton Bay tends not to be white sandy beaches but reflect the nature of the retained functional ecosystems, with long stretches of mangrove mud flats and rocky beaches.

For me I do enjoy being able to observe mangroves up close, however there is no doubt that the ecology of such systems can result in less than desirable insect companions.

Just so no-one thinks I stay at five star accomodation all the time here is a shot of the "shalet" and surrounds on Russell Island.

There is no question that Island life has strong idyllic aspects to it no matter what constitutes the beaches...

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