Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sydney Figs Pt2 - more of my favourites

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Botanic Gardens and the walk around to Mrs Macquarie's Chair...

Surely wrong tree wrong place...ROLF!

Through Paddington to Centennial Parklands....

I hope you liked this little taste of the amazing fig trees that you can find walking around Sydney...I really love fig trees, I guess for me (as a Queenslander) their size and impact on our senses makes me feel so good about them...


  1. Those are beautiful trees. I hope those are preserved for many years!


  2. Beautiful pictures, mate. The trees that you have captured are simply amazing. As I tree lover I can only admire these great species. I recently made a post about tree houses, which are my hobby.

  3. These are very beautiful. I remember when I was little I wanted to be an arborist. I love taking care of plants and making sure they grow well. I would love to learn more about what else arborists do. I think what they do is an art and it takes a lot of patience to develop such a talent.
    Zach Thalman |