Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Springbrook...but there's more trees, rocks and waterfalls too!

Here are some pretty shots from a lovely day walking along one of the numerous walking tracks around the Springbrook National Park area, this one is called Purling Brook Falls Circuit

At the top of the falls

The view out

Trees down below

Same view looking up

Natural evaporative A/C

Unfortunately having walked to the valley floor it is then necessary to walk back up to the top of the cliffs again.....

But the views and the vegetation make it worth the effort...

Springbrook is such a very special place, in the last picture in this post you can make out the light green sparse canopies of the Red Cedars pushing their way above the other trees....maybe in a hundred years some of the majesty of the forest - as it might have looked when the first timber getters came through this way - will be revealed to park visitors.

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