Monday, May 31, 2010

Autumn colours in South Australia

No apologies for the sense of deja-vu in this post, since a year ago I began this Blog with very similar colourful pictures......

I love these colours,
although my brain still has trouble dealing with the concept of a cold Australia, or rather feeling the bite of frosty mornings but not being back in the Britain of my teenage years.

There really is something quite magical about the visual impact of trees when they change the colour of their canopies like this. The fact that our national conference was held in Adelaide this year provide ample excuse to drive north from the city and revel in the wonders of the Barossa and Claire Valleys.

Since it was wine country and I did find some bottles very much to my liking, here's a couple of shots from Greenock that prove not all the colour comes from trees.


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